Hard For My Boss

Hard For My Boss - Daryl Banner I needed something really, truly funny. I mean I read alot of romcom. Disclaimer: I'm a rather punny person so my funny bone is tough to tickle, and I read with an internal dialogue of "heh heh that was funny". But there is this scene in the book, I literally had to set down my kindle three times before I could pick it back up. I'd re-read the line and start howling out loud again. My Hubs decided I lost it. And never so happy to have lost it because to have me busting out laughing is a feat.

Ben and Trevor: Wow - what can I say about them as characters. Mr Banner gives us everything you expect in the cocky CEO seduces the young intern storyline. But really the heart of the story is Ben and Trevor learning each other as Ben and Trevor. There are hiccups and hilarity abounds in the story because this relationship is doomed to not go smoothly. I'd expect that from the blurb. However, the author gives us time to immerse in the characters when it's just them . As a reader able to form that attachment we crave as readers wanting to get lost in the story.

I devoured the story in a day. That alone should tell you something. Daryl Banner has set the bar for funny now.

If you've not read Mr Banner's work before and a fan of the romcom, this story is a great start. My version also contains a few novellas that you can wet your appetite a bit further. If you are a fun of his work, once again he delivers the best in entertaining romance. 5 out of 5 stars

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