When We Touch

When We Touch - Tia Louise Tia Louise once again hits us with an entertaining read that will fit in with contemporary romance needs. If you are a fan of second chances, this will be doubly enjoyable.

Jackson and Ember have a slow burn development when Jackson comes back to Oceanside to think about what direction his life will take. Neither character expects the other and there is a lot of unanswered questions yet to be sorted out from their past. They do the ‘will they/won’t they’ dance for 55% of the story. Then Ms. Louise starts interspersing in the details of the past that help these two love birds get a HEA. However, there is a lot more story she delivers that is added in before the reader reaches ‘The End’.

If you are a fan of Tia Louise’s work, this is far more ‘sweeter’ and less sexy than some of her previous offerings. However, she continues with the faster paced style of writing with angst to sort out before conclusion that readers have come to enjoy. If you are first time reader, be prepared for a evenly paced story that picks up speed and revelations you didn’t see coming as the story unfolds in the second half. 4 out of 5 Stars

What I Loved:
It’s second chance which is my favorite of contemporary romance. The characters were both equally strong and not overly dramatic. They just seemed to fit effortlessly together. Coco, Ember’s daughter, is a delight in each scene without being a scene stealer. Her role in the story blends in with the second chance theme.

Final Thoughts:
There is a lot - I mean a lot of story - in the second half. The revelations behind why they weren’t together are revealed along with Jackson’s reasons of returning to Oceanside. To borrow a turn of phrase, I felt information overload. I wished as a reader that one of the two elements - why they were apart or Jackson’s troubles - were introduced earlier and given time to develop and resolve rather than all of it at the end.

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