Wound Tight

Wound Tight - Tessa Bailey Milo and Renner's story was amazing! Go read it! Trust me because I'd never steer you wrong if you love a frenemies to lovers story. Well, not really frenemies. More like I-am-really-reluctant vs I-am-going-to-win-you-over.

Before we get to deep into the review, true confessions: I series hopped. I know I preach the no-no I think should be followed, but this was recommended by my book pimp so I HAD to read it. And you know, I really think I don't think I lost anything from not reading about Renner in previous Made in Jersey books. The story truly stood alone, and as a reader you got what a conflicted man Renner was. However, having such a strong alpha male persona, you'd think he'd need his equal. But Milo is both disarmingly charming to both Renner and the reader.

This is one of those stories where you understand the walls that each character has and yet, anxiously await both to breach them. I was charmed by these characters that seemed more relatable to the everyday man in a long time. 5 out of 5 stars.
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