Real Dirty

Real Dirty - Meghan March HOLY Crooner with sweet hot ride (yes, I meant that double entendre)! Just give me a second while I pick up my panties off the floor.

Whew, okay.

We met Boone in the other Dirty series. Each time he sweeps in with that southern boy charm and alpha demeanor, and you want to become a country music fan. But what you learn in Real Dirty is that he is just a man too. He has feelings that can be broken, loves fiercely and protects what is his. However for all his alpha ways, he wasn't expecting sassy and independent Riley to wipe that cocky swagger back a step or two. As a reader, I'm not sure who I rooted for more. Boone to soften Riley and be her white knight. Or Riley to make this alpha man realize that a 'real' woman is what he needs. But there may be some ghosts of the past for these two to handle before their HEA.

And I CANNOT wait for Real Sexy.

Whether you've read any of the Dirty series books or just a Meghan March fan, she brings it to the table. Hot romance, a bit of twist and wonder - just everything to keep the reader turning the pages.
5 out of 5 scorching stars

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