Bad Judgment

Bad Judgment - Meghan March I've been hitting the winning side of the fantastic book choices. With Ryker and Justine's story - you can miss when selecting their story. Meghan March offers everything you want in a great read: phenomenal dialogue, humor interlaced between characters, maybe a bit of a twist in the story. BONUS - completely relatable characters!

Whether you've been in comfortable family life such as Ryker or struggled with what life hands you such as Justine, the reader is completely submerged in their character's journey to maybe admit they are ready to try this whole adult relationship out. Ryker is everything you want in a male character - strong, determined, protective yet vulnerable. Justine is my perfect female lead - strong, determined, self-reliant but willing to give in. It's not like these two don't have baggage. Oh they do. But Ms. March doesn't wallow in the angst to drag out the story. Its smooth, its even paced and its fun.

If you are a fan of Meghan March's works, you are going to LOVE this story. If you are new to her, this is a wonderful introduction. As you can tell, I devoured it. 5 out of 5 stars.

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