Take - Ella Frank So you are here now. Are you reading the review because you want to know how I feel about the serial? Okay, easy I LOVED THESE BOOKS. Are you here because you read all three and curious how I feel about book two? Well, read on.


Oh, boy is Logan in for it now. Watch as the biggest playboy falls in a huge way. This was such an emotional middle of their story, as it should be. Nothing is ever easy in a relationship. Tate has huge obstacles to overcome. And Logan does too. How do you do a relationship and do both parties well.

This serial was a first time read from this author from me. Boy, did Ms Frank ever deliver hitting all the high points on what I love in a same sex romance. This middle got me in the feels. But these boys, I wanted to help them overcome all the storm of unnecessary stuff in having to deal with the complete and utter narrow-minded. If you read book 1, you definitely want to continue Logan and Tate's story. 5 out of 5 stars.

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