Fresh Catch

Fresh Catch - Kate Canterbary We want to be loved. Whether or not we go looking for it, think we have time for it, or even deserve it, weighs in on the effort. These men have a (somewhat) comfortable existence in their lives. They know what they want and need. It the joy and heartache of a romantic relationship they feel is for other men. It's just the tide hasn't washed in the right man yet.

Both characters are out. Not out and loud out. But out. Kate Canterbary though shows these men as not 'out' with who they really want to be - this is Owen and Cole's story. Circumstances bring them together. There is a draw. However, too much unsaid hangs between them. Can they both take a chance at exposing their soft underbellies to the other? Are they willing to risk the hurt to gain the deep affection they deserve?

There is so much more to these characters then what you can see from the top of the waters. Kate takes the reader's hand down the distance line and dives deeper than their surface. You understand the characters hesitation and missteps. But after you reach near the end of your line, Kate guides the readers and characters to a perfect break in the surface to have something to hold onto forever.

Once again, Ms Canterbary amazes me with the depth of her characters, brilliance in writing a story that will touch you and linger there for days. It's a love story to be savored not devoured. If you are a new reader to Kate, this is a great introduction to her writing genius and devotion to telling a fantastic story. If you are a fan but new to MM genre, you'll see its all love. For fans of her Walsh series, she gives us an Easter egg that is always fun to read from another characters POV. Regardless, this is a story not to be missed.