A Crazy Christmas

A Crazy Christmas - B.  Cranford In all honesty, this is one author that just gets better and better with every story. A Crazy Christmas does not disappoint. If you've read The Brightest Star and A Little Bit Crazy, this is one holiday story not to be missed.

So, let's cover that tidbit for a second. I am serial holiday romance reader. I like the 'cheese'. This time of year, it's all about finding your HEA and getting that cavity reading adventure. I mean the cheesier the better.

Okay fans, you won't find it in this book and I couldn't be happier.

Ms Cranford gives us the stress and joys that this holiday season delivered with heart. These characters you've gotten to know and they continue their quirks in this tale. Whether it's finding the perfect gift or finding their normal, you feel immersed in their world and grinning when you reach 'The End'.

Fans of B. Cranford's debut duet are going to be ecstatic for this enchanting and honest tale. Once you finish, you'll find your heart filled with joy as we see these couples navigate the crazy of the season.

5 out of 5 tree-topping stars