Preservation (The Walsh Series Book 7)

Preservation (The Walsh Series Book 7) - Kate Canterbary Sincerely, this IS my favorite book of the series. Not because it was the last one. Not because I fell deeper in love with Kate Canterbary’s storytelling. Nope, it’s because she saved the most complicated and emotional story for The End .

Riley is the goofy younger brother. The light in the dark moments. The eye roll when serious words are said. Consistently the Lou Costello to the entire family of Bud Abbotts. But lingering in the background, the reader knows there is more to RISD than unzipped flies and coffee stains. Ms. Canterbary does more than deliver. This is the PERFECT story delivery that you didn’t even know you wanted. You’ll have eye opening experiences with flashbacks to the previous POVs with delightful clarity.

And I haven’t mentioned the heroine. Let’s just say, you know it would take someone special. Someone who could meet Batman every step into a Happily Ever After. She is definitely found in this story.

Let me end with if you’ve read every single review for the Walsh series I’ve written, I saw repeatedly I’ve stated to read in order and read them all. To truly appreciate Riley’s story it is imperative this happens. Otherwise you are short changing yourself. If I could give this book 10 stars I would. It was every emotion laced together. Often readers are sad to see a series end, but what I send off Ms. Canterbary gave us. 5 out of 5 stars.