The Bachelors

The Bachelors - E.S. Carter What are your favorite tropes? Marriage for Hire? Enemies to Lovers? Insta-Love? How about your H/h? Need a Billionaire? A pauper in need of saving the family 'farm'? The wallflower that is forever overlooked? Now take your trope, add your characters, mix in some cheeky British humor, and maybe have the author flip all the expectations on their heads and cook it up for a serving of --

The Bachelors!

Yes, it's the story that takes our most favorite tropes and with tongue in cheek spins a delightful contemporary journey for the reader to find your other half. As the saying goes, everybody needs somebody. Each one of the main characters have found their 'perfect' somebody - whether they care to admit it or not. But it goes without saying that secondary characters can make or break a fantastic read. Ms Carter offers up some of the best with family and friends joining the frey of who gets the mark in the win column. Besides the comedic elements, you've got the perfect romance with 'fade to black' that you'll find you can recommend to the most prudish of friends - but still feel that sizzle.

Worried because 3rd person isn't your thing? Eli Carter nails the writing and intertwining of each characters story that keeps you engaged that you don't realize you've reached The End . Concerned with another 'British' book? If you can watch Notting Hill, you'll clutch your eReader to prevent it from slipping with all the giggling that will ensue. And for this reader, it ended on the perfect note. Brilliant and satisfying conclusion --- for now.

This is definitely one to show up on my eReader when I want to just have fun with the story for re-read over and over again. 5+ out of 5 stars and personal favorite.


So, know I'm a huge Austen fan. Yet, not one peep. How about you read my thoughts on that aspect in my blog - My Own Bookshelves - for release day. In all seriousness, you do not need to nor be a fan of the classic to enjoy this fun and wicked ride.