Beauty and the Mustache: A Philisophical Romance (Knitting in the City Book 4)

Beauty and the Mustache: A Philisophical Romance (Knitting in the City Book 4) - Penny Reid 4.5 out of 5 start read. First, I think that Penny Reid is one of the most fabulous authors in my Humorous Contemporary Romance bookshelf. Any author who quotes Jane Austen is a keeper in my book. This doesn’t disappoint, however its sub-story is actually not humorous at all. So this Heroine’s journey there is sub- plot that delves into the passing of a beloved parent. This secondary story separates from Ms. Reid’s normally fun time reads for me into something real, closer to home. If you have read any of the Knitting in the City serials, you’ve met the heroine, Ashley. However, as this story is told, I don’t believe you need to read the other books to be in tune with the characters. This book can stand alone for the reader.

Ashley comes home after a mysterious hospitalization of her mother occurs. After an eight year hiatus, she is spring boarded into the lives of her six brothers and one very close family friend, Drew. With Ashley being absent from the day to day, she no longer knows her brothers or the importance of this friend. Thrown into a situation that she feels out of control, it doesn’t suit her that she is wildly attracted to Drew. Through revealing conversations, the reader learns that Drew was likewise inconveniently attracted to Ashley. The story eventually moves to the HEA. But it does so with real life problems, death, and beautiful poetic Hero.

This review is coming on the heels of a Reid-Along I have participated in prior to the release of the next Winston brother’s book, Truth or Beard. I had originally given the book a solid 4 stars. In my re-read, I had to reflect on why. I had a very difficult time with connecting to the heroine. I felt her actions for most of the book were judgmental. Yes, she did have some baggage, but not so much to realize that teenagers/young adults grow with maturity. I felt she clung to that judgment and so I had a harder time connecting. Whereas the hero has an equally life event that colors his opinion, he seems to be able to be open and willing to see beyond first impressions. However, my fascination with this character and ancillary characters is what drove me to be immersed and delighted.

This is a definitely recommend if you are looking for a slow building romance; more story lines other than another dating book. This covers family dynamics around childhood versus adults, death and finding what you really want for yourself to be happy.