Necessary Restorations

Necessary Restorations - Kate Canterbary Okay this statement will and should surprise the hell out of you that THIS is my favorite Walsh Family series book. Kate Canterbary continues stuns me with her originality and engrossing storytelling that had me reading chapter after chapter with the inability to put it down until 'how will this end'. This story isn't easy. This story doesn't belong in the wheelhouse of what I find entertaining to read. Yet, it moved me and so engrossed me that I read slow, not wanting the story to end.

The journey for Sam and Tiel isn't paved with rose petals to get to a HEA. As you read through the series, you'll find yourself experience each family member through the POV of the other. You know that Sam will be complicated. He is. As a romance reader, you hope he gets a heroine who is spreads sunshine and rainbows to save our complex hero. No such luck. Ms. Canterbary gives us flawed and beautiful characters that aren't meant to save one another. This isn't the typical trope where one saves the other. Because the only way they can be saved is if they save themselves first. What they had set them to a journey to be better humans.

Okay did I frighten you away? Please don't. I know this sounds overly dramatic but Sam and Tiel's story pulled a lot of emotions from this reader. Although sad at times, not so heartbreaking that it ruined me. From the start of their relationship, this was the first book where I began to believe that if they didn't end up together it would be okay. It's seriously the journey of them coming to grips with the issues they face over the HEA that won their story for me.

Another day - same lecture: Read the series from book one in order. Sam and Tiel are complex. They deserve the readers time and attention to know them first through other's eyes before giving voice to their own story. I am bewitched by Kate Canterbary's story telling and be a forever fan. 5 out of 5 stars.