The Space Between

The Space Between - Kate Canterbary This is my favorite Walsh Family series book. Kate Canterbary stuns this reader with the originality and engrossing storytelling that had me reading chapter after chapter with the inability to put it down until 'The End'.

Seriously? You thought I was kidding with my disclaimer on book one? We are at book two which is now my favorite.

Andy and Patrick...where do I start. I fall desperately in love with any female lead that is driven, not a doormat in a male dominated field. When writers can bring to the page the reality without losing it to dramatics - win for me. And then Patrick. He is just one of those infuriating heroes you want to either kick in the balls or kiss his lips off. Between the angst of 'will they both give in', you've got humor and sexiness that just steams off the page. The dynamic of the push/pull that Ms. Canterbary delivers is in perfect tempo. Not too much push you off to give up and not too much pull to leave you drained. In addition we begin to get more and more dynamic of the other siblings that is going to lead to a perfect family saga series.

Foot down: You will read book one and you will read in order. Huge, HUGE mistake if you jump on books. Although others will say it can be read as a standalone, you aren't going to walk away from the series. Kate Cantenbary is giving us more depth and insight so I stand firm on recommending as a whole read.

If you aren't familiar with Kate Cantenbary's writing, she has become one of my top five storytellers that I connect with. I insist on book one, but if you ignore me, you'll fall in love with her writing and just go back anyhow. So just trust me. If you've read book one, book two now builds on that Walsh Family world with more emotions for an engrossing and entertaining read. 5 out of 5 stars.