Tempt the Playboy

Tempt the Playboy - Natasha Madison Natasha Madison should definitely be added to your go-to when needing to read a rom-com that doesn't try to hard, seem too silly. Her writing is an effortless blend of humor and entertainment that is perfect for that curl up and get lost in the story day.

What makes the story so enjoyable is the couple themselves. Noah is a known cocky playboy. But when he decides that Kaleigh is the one, he never devolves in the douche behavior you see in this trope. Kaleigh isn't one to jump right into a relationship, but yet doesn't let her personal feelings get caught up in pushing Noah away. Yes, fellow readers, Ms. Madison gave me low angst, characters I liked with and great dialogue. When you are looking for entertainment, the story delivers.

Now, I am going to veer from normal soapbox where I tell you - read the series in order and don't be a series jumper - okay I'll let you here. Playboy runs parallel timeline with Boss that you 'don't have to'. But I'm telling you, you will read Boss if you haven't just to get more detail in THAT story. If you've never read Natasha Madison, Tempt the Playboy is a great introduction. If you are fan, you'll find the same quality of storytelling you expect from this rom-com writer. 4.5 out of 5 stars.