King of Code

King of Code - C.D. Reiss First off, a book about the world of OS and security solutions with a hack that can unman your whole world. Oh, I forgot there is also a romance there too. And OH BOY , I have a new book boyfriend in Taylor.

What I loved:
This will be in two parts: Geek and NonGeek

Part 1 Geek -
This is going to be hard to describe for me being a geek/nerd (I accept both titles) to my non-geek/nerd book friends. It’s the flow of thought in which Taylor thinks about the issues that are occurring to him and his company. Ms Reiss captures the rapid fire, short span that anyone who does coding has a tendency to think and speak in. Your thoughts are moving at the speed of light. She represents this little quirk brilliantly and makes Taylor both believable and endearing at the same time without losing the non-geek in geek speak.

Part 2 NonGeek -
There are so many layers to the story. It’s more than romance. There is a suspense story that is so layered it was completely unpredictable where CD Reiss was leading the characters and kept me gripped in needing to know ‘what’s next’. Her characters were deep and flawed. No one was immune to the deficiency which kept the story believable and engaging.

So and by the way, I want to sign up for any future classes Taylor Harden wish to deliver. Oh my damp panties YESSS!

If you’ve never read CD Reiss, this is a fantastic standalone to get a taste of something deeper she delivers. I can’t wait for the next story. If you are a fan, I will say this story is far more layered and twisty but very well worth the read. 5 out of 5 hacker stars

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