The Cornerstone (The Walsh Series Book 4)

The Cornerstone (The Walsh Series Book 4) - Kate Canterbary Now, this time I expect you to know me and truly believe me when I say: This is my favorite Walsh Family series book. Kate Canterbary has grasped my inner desire for a strong female lead in a male dominated world and BOOM gave her a hero to match.

Woot! It’s like someone has heard my poor reader's deepest desires and delivered that and MORE!

I mean COME on Will is the perfect and I mean perfect mate for Shannon. Hands down nailed the give and take, sexual tension and all the things I want in a contemporary romance. I already had a girl crush for Shannon before this book. After, I want to carry her children and worship her. She is a strong female lead - many would call a ball buster - but you get why and how she is molded to a driven and loving woman. Ms. Canterbary matches her up with a man who believes breaking and entering is permission to move in.

Again: Read the series in order.Start with book one. Especially to finally understand what makes this Walsh sibling tick. I will say this book is a welcome break after the emotional ride of book 3.

Each book that Kate Canterbary has delivered keeps me engrossed and turning the pages to learn more. Her characters are diverse in their real world issues so you are never bored or wanting to move on. Again a solid 5 out 5 star read for me and a personal favorite that I will re-read.