A Little Bit Crazy

A Little Bit Crazy - B. Cranford Let me clarify: This book completely stands alone and no reason to 'need' to read book 1. However, I will state you are missing out if you don't read The Brightest Star.

So to the delight of this fangirl, she gave the readers as perfectly executed second chance story. Unlike other second chance stories where there is unending drama as to why our beloved couple aren't together from the start, this story starts off with relatable scenario. And that's where the story takes off to a will he/won't he win the girl.

But more than a romantic comedy, Ms Cranford offers a story with heart. You learn that Declan is ACTUALLY not that dude and is a good guy who made a mistake. The reader also learns that Jade isn't all snappy dialogue and to-die-for heels, but a flesh and blood person with a few reasons not to full trust this feeling.

Ms. Cranford shows the reader she is more than contemporary romance and can expand her writing skills to give the readers giggles, gasps and a few tears. Perfectly paced and never dragging - this story keeps you engaged. Whether or not you've read her debut, this is a story you'll want to pick up and buy because you'll find it as a re-read for when you need a well-balanced story. 5 out of 5 stars.

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