The Spire

The Spire - Kate Canterbary This was the most unexpected and now favorite book in the Walsh Family saga. Kate Canterbury had me taken unawares and delighted me in the best possible way.

So this is about Erin and ? Yes, I’m not going to be that person. I’m sure you can find reviews who tells you who it is. But don’t. If you’ve read the series, you probably have a clue. But why spoil it.

Although our hero is important as a loyal and loving partner, it’s Erin who steals the show in this engaging read. See, she is always on the fringes in the other stories. She is colored most often in an unflattering light from those character’s POV. So why care about a character who wants distance from her dysfunctional family? Because it’s Erin’s social awkwardness and intelligence that is so attractive to the reader. She has decisions to make that will impact her future greatly. Regardless of location or vocation, in her shoes, Kate Canterbary gives the reader insight on how hard it is to balance all work/life expectations. I thought Sam was tough to read, however Erin brought her own real baggage and one I could relate to all too closely.

Sometimes series are like wine, each one improves with age and experience of being. But this series is so unique and engaging. Kate Canterbury keeps the ideas fresh and the reader engaged. When you get to this book - because you will read in order- you’ll find all the pieces come together brilliantly. 5 out of 5 stars.