Swink - Adriana Locke I've read every single Landry mans book and have not been disappointed. However, we finally get a peep into one of the twin's life and love.

Swink is definitely one of those books you could series hop. Not that I condone that type of behavior. But truly it doesn't cover relationships introduced in previous books that would lend confusion. The author picks up with the budding of the relationship between Cam and Dom. Ms. Locke gives just enough back telling for how they found each other. There is some overlapping family dynamic tension that again, Ms Locke weaves back through without getting bogged down. Although I say 'budding', really the main characters have been doing the 'casual' for about 10 months. Each playing at this is just 'casual'. However, when they finally face facts this isn't casual and need to address the many elephants in the room, the relationship turns serious. For me, I wished I saw more character evolution in Cam as we did in Dom. She's steadfast in her beliefs and desires but I think there is still room for growth. Whereas Dom, as a reader, it was clear what his holdbacks were and how he was going to need to overcome them in order to move forward.

The book was entertaining and as a fan of the series completely enjoyed the read. Bring on the Gibson Boys! 4 out of 5 stars

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