The Iron Tiara

The Iron Tiara - Beth Flynn I absolutely love when an author takes the expected and turns me on my head. From the first chapter of The Iron Tiara, I believed I had the leading characters pegged. I fit them into my neat little literary expectations and carried on with my reading. I had high expectations of a gritty, story of criminal intents with scary motorcycle dudes, and their take-no-prisoners approach to business.

Until about 50%.

Now, truth be told, Christy's strength as a female lead becomes apparent earlier on. But as a strong - #noneofyourbeeswax heroine, she begins to shine as she not going to take anything for granted and burn her own path to happiness. Anthony is a very alpha male in the story. I mean I wasn't sure if Ms Flynn could out-alpha her heroes but she did in this tale. If nothing else, it was these two characters that compelled me to continue reading until the wee hours of the morning. All other side plots be damned - these two are what kept me swiping the eReader.

Speaking of side plots, I did converse with a fellow reader as I went. Periodic head scratching as I thought, "Where is Beth Flynn going with this?". I'd delight with massive back pats when I was right. However, there was more "WTF!" I was wrong moments. And that is brilliant storytelling - turning the reader to the unexpected.

The story does travel back and forth in giving the reader historical moments that impact the characters and their decisions. It may feel like you have been stuffed with information, but bear with the story as it all has importance. In addition, the story is told in 3rd person which I believes makes a reader concentrate more on what is not said but through the witnessing of actions. Again, you'll feel stuffed with information, but all is relevant to wrap things up in the end.

If you love MC romance and don't like to feel a predictable 'been-there-read-that', you'll want to read The Iron Tiara right away! 5 out of 5 stars

This free ARC was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an unbiased opinion. No type of compensation was made.

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