Fractured Heart

Fractured Heart - Sienna Grant Any story not completed will not garner a star rating. The review within the ‘spoiler’ is based solely on the reasons WHY it is a DNF for me.

A few facts to depart:
1. New author to me
2. Not recommended to me and selection was based on promo
3. Choose to read the ARC because of trope: Single Widowed Dad

The most compelling reason for risking a read was item 3. I have read some fantastic stories based on this trope that I would highly recommend. And, as unfair as it may seem, I can’t help but compare this story to those I have read and enjoyed. However, every book I read is compared to others so, this is not something new I do.

As a reader, I want both my heart and mind to be engaged. Unfortunately, this one did not deliver for me on both counts. As I stated above, I found myself comparing and contrasting, and came to the conclusion that this was an attempt at a ‘happy’ grief. And, honestly, that is where this story lost me. Grief may try and put on a happy face but always fails. Especially under the circumstances as presented in the plot. In the spirit of fairness, and thinking maybe it was me, l set it down —repeatedly. I tried to re-engage by skimming to further spots, and sadly, still could not connect with the H or with the overall story.

This lack of engagement and facing my first ever DNF romance book had me analyzing. In order to engage both organs- heart and brain- for an immersive read, I need for the story to‘show me’ and not ‘tell me’. The best description I can offer is that the story read like an exposition. I was offered facts and recounts of scenes without any emotional connection. Wondering if it was me or the writing style, I downloaded several excerpts by the same author. Which lead me to the conclusion hers is a writing style that does not connect with me personally.

So why bother with writing a review?
I have often soapboxed against those who DNF and write reviews with the argument “how can you review when you didn’t give it a chance?”
Well, now I understand.
Although I did skim and read sections of this novel trying to find something to connect with, I never did. Other readers who have enjoyed this story may not agree, and that’s completely fine. This review is not for them; it’s for those who follow my reviews as we have connection in preference in reading. Connection is important for me to love a story and lack of is why I could not finish.

This ARC was gifted in exchange for honest review.