Underneath It All (The Walsh Series Book 1)

Underneath It All (The Walsh Series Book 1) - Kate Canterbary This is my favorite Walsh Family series book. Kate Canterbary stuns this reader with the originality and engrossing storytelling that had me reading chapter after chapter with the inability to put it down until 'The End'.

I will apologize in advance for the redundancy of the reviews of the series. That paragraph above will be repeated with each book. Although this review is supposed to be centered around this particular story, I'd be remiss if I don't explain what it is that I love about Ms Canterbary's writing. In whatever genre you prefer, there will be repeating of storylines/tropes. But when you find an original voice that gifts you with engaging characters - you just fall in love with reading again. For the entire Walsh family series, Kate Canterbary built upon a foundation as a whole while keeping each siblings story focused. As a reader, I felt emotionally involved with the each unique story told.

Matthew and Lauren are two of the most unlikely pair. So unlike in their drive to accomplish their goals. One is methodical and what I call a 'glue' person. Lauren is driven and so goal focused that nothing will impede her way - including herself. In a vain of honesty, if Lauren was my best friend, I would have knocked her upside the head a number of times. But what made the story work was Matthew wasn't giving up on Lauren no matter how hard she pushed. They come out of the battlefield of HEA a bit bloody and bruised but you know in the end they so deserved their love story.

Here goes the lecture: You will read the series in order. And I also recommend you read one right after another. Kate Canterbary is just starting the foundation for book one. You want to be a part of the construction and relish in the final reveal. This series is amongst my personal favorites and one I will read over and over again. 5 out of 5 stars