Plus One

Plus One - Mae Wood First Off, I am a totally big sucker for the 'single dad' storyline. When I saw the opportunity for cover re-reveal/sales blitz, no words other than "Where do I sign up?" were spoken by yours truly. Give me the book recommendation to read from my friend at Panda & Boodle - SOLD!

Bert is the perfect hot, tatted, alpha males all us romance readers swoon to find. Drennan is the perfect blend of strong, determined yet owns her femininity. Together the chemistry on the pages starts with a slow burn and eventually gets hotter with each page turn. Add PLUS Grady is not the typical child to the single dad. But a high school senior ready to be his own man. Some of the best advice came straight from the mouths of babes.

I loved that the author gave us a May/December romance but turned the tables to consider what if one makes the choices that don't seem possible. The tension was just perfect and didn't veer into ridiculously over cute where younger characters can go. Drennan had lived a full life in a short time. Her approach was winner take the hot guy behind the bar!

This was a first time read by Mae Wood and surely will not be my last. It's everything that I look for in an entertaining story. So, yes my hearts & flowers unicorn loving heart was full by the end. I'm now a firm #fangirl and can't wait to read more from this author. 5 out 5 stars

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