The Brightest Star

The Brightest Star - B.  Cranford What happens when the man who took a gamble with your heart shows up at your Panera? The imprint he left on your heart still bears the very sharp grooves caused by his abrupt departure. Do you forgive him? Or shove that Italian down his throat?

That my reading buddies is what you get when you enter the world of Sebastian and Brighton in The Brightest Star. Second chance romance is my favorite trope, and from reading the synopsis I was 'all in'. Ms. Cranford keeps the reader engaged with all the necessary ingredients for a fabulous novel. It's clever combination of a little bit sad, sprinkled with outrage, just enough spice, a hefty serving of humor, and a ginormous portion of love. Often times with debut authors, I give them the widest berth to find their voice in storytelling. Never have I been so enchanted from the start and willing to devour a tale in an afternoon.

The characters had me rooting for each one separately for different reasons. At times I hoped that Brighton would yell and scream at him for what he deserved after two years. Then Sebastian would seem genuinely sorry - I mean I KNEW he was so sorry and just wanted hug him. And tell Bright to give him a break. Until no - you encouraged her to stand firm - make him prove he is the right choice. And that my friends - all those emotions - B. Cranford can evoke from you as you read is why you want to consume this story, and ask for more.

Which is where I ask B. Cranford for Declan and Jade's story. Because come ON there is a story there dying to be told.

I am often shrewd with my reviews on debut books. There is place for improvement. This story I just can't find flaw.
🌟 It's beautiful.
🌟 It's brilliant.
If you love contemporary romance as much as I do, you'll fly your fingers to click on this fabulous story. 5 out of 5 stars

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