Strong Enough

Strong Enough - Melanie Harlow, David Romanov Damn... Don't you just love it when a book hits you in all the unexpected spots of your mind and heart? Well, damn it - Strong Enough did that. Yep, right in the feels. Honestly, I saw the cover reveal tour and had clicked on it automatically because:

1. Melanie Harlow -love her writing
2. MM storyline
3. Melanie Harlow wrote a MM story
4. Blurb intrigued me

When life offered me the opportunity to receive an ARC, I did what any self respecting fangirl would do and said "HELL YES! "

Wow, just Wow! What a debut to the genre <3 By the way - the trope I had no clue it was GFY. Yeah, giddy like a seven year old on first day of summer break when I discovered it was also my favorite trope. <br/>
Let's dive into the characters. Derek was completely relatable to me. Could be his age. Could be that he and I share a personality trait (it's a totally reasonable one). Or could be his upbringing paralleled mine. So for all those reasons - I got Derek. Then there is Maxim. This character felt like an 'old soul'. Although in his mid-twenties, his attitude and behaviors were those of a much more journeyed individual. I think what I most loved about these two characters was the fact of mutual respect that just leaped off the pages at you. As a reader, you felt their connection. All of their emotions didn't feel forced or flip. Completely relatable in every way as characters. I may or may not have shed a tear or two. But it was because I SO wanted this for them that when things got messy, I did not want messy for them. I was completely invested in their happiness. The author may claim I messaged some ranting, but I would never do that ;)

If you are a fan of same sex romance and looking for something that gives you an inspirational journey that your person is out there for you, you'll fall in love with this gift of words Melanie Harlow and David Romanov offer. Click, read, enjoy the beautiful story of love. 5 out of 5 stars.

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