Presidential Bargain (The Presidential Promises Duet )

Presidential Bargain (The Presidential Promises Duet ) - Rebecca Gallo There is something about an overbearing asshole I love in a story. I think because when the author writes a fabulous counter part, the heroine is an equally strong person I can relate to. Rebecca Gallo has hit the right notes with her debut novel in Jameson and Georgie.

Although the synopsis would indicate that it is a political romance, the story focuses on the microscope that once you reach the interest in the pubic eye. Poor Jameson and Georgie cannot catch a break. Once one thing finally gets smoothed over, it seems like another issue is waiting in the wings which is all played out for the entertainment of the masses. The plot is a based on 'fiancee for hire' and Jameson tries his damnedest to make sure that everyone is aware that his singular focus is on winning the White House. But when you spend quality time with someone, it's hard for the heart to not to get involved. In typical romance fashion, lovely and giving Georgie who falls hard first. Wishes- as weird as it may seem - I wish at times there could have been more tension between the two as Jameson was almost my perfect asshole. However, if we are discussing sexual tension, Ms. Gallo can write a steamy scene and make you feel oh so swoony.

To be honest, I rarely take a chance on a debut author unless I have a trusted friend go first . I was fortunate to have won an ARC along with a friend. We both loved it.'s the trying-not-to-be-spoiler. If you stop at the last chapter, you will have a very satisfyingly entertaining read. If you venture to the get a NO WAY moment. And you'll be with me waiting for the release of Capital Promises this fall. For a debut author, Rebecca Gallo has talent and can't wait to see what she offers next! 4.25 out of 5 stars

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