Something So Perfect

Something So Perfect - Natasha Madison Can a very bad boy behave when put on the naughty step by a very attractive yet sassy woman? Surprise - the answer is a most DEFINITE yes! I mean sure - he may have had a few opportunities to maybe stretch the rules of good behaviors, but completely justified *wink*.

If you follow me one of my biggest 'pet peeves' is meek women. Just no - no thank you. I need my women strong and independent; willing to stand up to the hero. Well, Karrie does try. But when Matthew is like a man-on-a-mission, she just gets cuffed by his actions and has to go along with the ride. These two characters stole my heart equally. Ms Madison had just enough humor, warmth and love that you felt along the pages. There is action and a minor twist, but not to leave you wrung out from drama. It's just everything I look for in a contemporary romance novel.

I loved the other intertwining stories but this can be read as a standalone. When you are looking for that perfect balance of delivery in a story, look no further! 5 out of 5 stars

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