Beard in Mind (Winston Brothers Book 4)

Beard in Mind (Winston Brothers Book 4) - Penny Reid With each Penny Reid story I pick up, I'm always inspired and delighted with her writing. Once again, I am completely enamored with her ability to take not a fun subject and breathe life into it. Ms Reid doesn't make fun or shines up the uniqueness of each character. She serves their story on a plate extraordinarily crafted just for them. This story offers me hope that each individual will find their person that will give a perfect for them HEA.

Beau and Shelly- they are the perfect enemies to lovers. Neither one wants to understand the other much less give the time to even try. But the draw that pulls them overcomes their minds objections when their hearts finally take over the driver's seat. I don't want to go into depth on their story. It's one left best to experience. And I'm going to put my foot down, do not series jump. These characters deserve their backstory from the others in the series in order to appreciate their journey.

I don't hide it. I am a HUGE Penny Reid fangirl. She writes witty without being condescending. She writes smart without going over your head. She writes unique and adorable characters you need to spend the time to invest in. Read the series, you won't be disappointed with book 4.
PS: This is the HOTTEST Winston Brothers books to date.
5 out of 5 stars
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