Dirty Billionaire

Dirty Billionaire - Meghan March "Oh, that's right - whiskey."

I think there are many a girl out there in singlesville who have made bad decisions thinking maybe they'd turn out okay. Holly Wix does just that with both her career and love life. Just as she is trying to come to terms with 6 more months of a potential dream breaking contract, and in walks Creighton Karas to her life. Will he be the savior in wolf's clothing she needs?

I love a story when a strong female can get the best of the big bad Alpha male. I was a bit skeptical of Holly. She got herself into a position that she talks a big talk but then abides by what others orders. I wasn't sure if she'd be that perfect heroine for me. Ms March would give us glimpses of a back bone, but then she'd cave. Enter in Creighton who believes he can get what he wants with just his will. Yep, I love a man in control. But, as the reader, you get very little into his softer side.

This is a first time read for this author for me. I'm going to warn you - three part series and she leaves you with a bit of a cliffhanger. But not bad. I was all "YES!" as the heroine steps out to take back control. Although I didn't have an immediate connection to either character, the plot and writing style had me flipping the pages. This was an enjoyable read as I did it in a day, and looking forward to what is next in the series. 4.25 out of 5 stars.

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