Birthquake - B.L. Berry I picked up this book with no idea what the story was. The title and short teaser had me in a giggle. And trust me when I say, Birthquake is just what this romance lover needed.

The best thing about this story was it’s complete reliability of the characters. Their awkward and charming personalities leaped off the page. Just someone you know you could be insta-friends in this romantic comedy. It’s delightful to see both the characters stumble and make those everyday couple mistakes. Secondary characters come in and fly out with wit and wisdom. Their families, jobs and friends are wonderfully entertwined with BL Berry wrapping you up in story without wringing you out in the drama.

Don’t worry, there is a minor twist that gives a little gasp and oh sh!t moment for those who need a bit of tension.

I don’t believe you need to have gone through the marriage and baby carriage to appreciate the humor Ms Berry brings the tale. I may have enjoyed parts more by holding a seasoned empathy. But this isn’t 8th grade health class meant to steer you clear of the maternity clock. Its fun and humor in the everyday that makes for an entertaining read.
4.5 out of 5 stars

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