The Sirens of SaSS Anthology

The Sirens of SaSS Anthology - Amy Marie, Ann Mayburn, Lexi Buchanan, Lydia Michaels, M.E. Montgomery, Maria Vickers, Melanie Moreland, Sam JD Hunt, Julie Mishler, Hazel James, Cat Johnson, CD Bradley, Dani René, DD Lorenzo, Elizabeth SaFleur, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Kat Mizera, Laci Paige This is a wonderful collection of short reads perfect for when you are looking for something quick and satisfying. There is something for everyone in this anthology. The stories range from fun and light to down right naughty.

One thing I will say about the anthology is each is a brand new release so I don't have anything that isn't new to me. Most are complete to not leave the reader on the edge of a cliff. There are a few that are starts, and anxiously stalking the authors for complete stories.

Best of all, this supports VetSPORTS. Always one for supporting charitable purchases. Well worth the one-click.