Reservations - Kindle Alexander I recently commented that I was a fluffy butt reader. When I described what that is I illustrated as "guarantee HEA, just enough story tension to keep you engaged, plenty of steam and leave you with a big ol' grin". Now I wish I could have said "Read Reservations". Because Kindle Alexander delivers this with a check in every box plus more!

Normally I finish a book with a newly minted book boyfriend in my posse. Damn, seriously I cannot choose. First I was all over Levi - because cute boy next door and firm family values. And Thane was being unintentional jerk but I still wanted to kick his ass. However, Kindle Alexander gives us a Pinocchio transformation in Thane that you can't help but want him to win his man! * Swoon * And Levi...yeah don't let those innocent looks fool you because HOT DAMN!

As a huge fan of all the previous books, it's a joy to see characters you've previously loved hop into the story. However, Kindle Alexander doesn't feel like you've missed out if you've not previously read. As always, they bring characters to full life and give the reader an experience of these wonderful secondary characters. All these characters lend to the story the necessary ingredients to keep you flipping page after page. Especially Julian - which HINT he needs his story next!

If you are new to Kindle Alexander and looking for something to make your heart happy, dive right into this read. If you are a fan, you won't be disappointed with yet another love story that will leave you grinning. 5 out of 5 stars.