Alpha Mail

Alpha Mail - Brenda Rothert From the release of the blurb and cover reveal, this has been on my anticipated reading list for the fall. Sometimes I just want my romance to solely whisk me away for a few hours. Not wring me out or leave me with a book hangover. I want my story selection to make me want to dive back into my bookshelves for more of this genre I love. And Ms Rothert delivered for this reader.

Now what can I tell you? I won't regurgitate the story because this is something to enjoy for yourself.
However, you know I'm picky when it comes to heroines. Strong and no doormats apply. Sienna Mills clicks all my checkboxes and yet...she's balanced so her character doesn't come off as a man eater. She is independent and not needing or looking for Mr Right until he falls into her inbox. The secondary characters are delightful and add to the story without overshadowing the H/h interactions. This book is like falling into a sitcom and coming out with a smile.

If you've never read Brenda Rothert's work, this is a great 'starter' story. It stands alone and gives you insight to her talent with a wonderful HEA. If you are a fan, this is one of those fun reads you can kick back on a lazy afternoon and binge on. 4.5 out of 5 stars.