Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire College is a time for discovering who you are, and maybe who'd you'd like to be when you grow up. Unfortunately for Abby, it's a time to re-invent herself and forget her past. Her plan is solid escaping to an eastern college with her best friend. What she didn't count on was a tornado to swirl through her life, turn it all around and create more drama than anyone should ever think of.

Abby and Travis' story can be shortened to two easy word - heavy angst. If you are in search of drama, this New Adult novel has it in droves. Even the best friends, America and Shepley, are not immune to the drama of teenage to adult years. Was I able to connect to the leads? Yes, unfortunately. I had to pull from my memory banks on how 'awful' life could be at that age. I was a youth that was too rash in decisions, often poor, too quick to get angry and too stubborn to admit when I'm wrong. I found myself at parts of the story saying to my Kindle, "OMG! Would you two grow UP?" Then I realized Ms. McGuire hit the nail on the head. She gives us a New Adult story filled with all the over-the-top drama that you'd expect from someone nineteen. I will say some of it got to be a 'bit much' for this reader. Chalk up to personal preference.

Who'd I recommend this to? If you love New Adult/Coming of Age/College stories, this novel hits all the high points for the checkoff list. This was a first time read for me of Jamie McGuire. I found her storyline moving solidly, never bored. I will warn you if you aren't a fan of the heavy drama filled "I'm an adult but act like I'm 12", this may not be the story for you. However, if you love the drama, don't hesitate in picking this up to read. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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