Taking Connor

Taking Connor - B.N. Toler, Amy Donnelly "It's sad and dark, yet beautiful and soft all at once."

If I could use that one line from the story, my review is finished. I can't do in few short sentences the journey that Demi and Connor take as they navigate the new friendship. Author Toler takes you through an emotional journey of two broken grieving people. You feel each tear, you feel the conflict of not wanting to damage the memory of a beloved person. Their journey to HEA takes several unhappy twists. Many which could have had a very sad outcome. But Demi and Connor are strong individuals that make it through by carrying each other to the end.

The story is difficult and tragic. I couldn't relate as I have never had an experience so devastating. However, the grief that you carry -trying to honor the person that is left behind. And then finding out they may have cracks in the pedestal you put them on is heartbreaking. The story is told from Demi's POV. Since Connor is so closed off, his portion of story slowly unfolds all the hidden vulnerabilities he has. There was several side storylines going on so it slowed the reading pace for me as I wanted to concentrate on Connor and Demi.

This is a first time read from this author. I enjoyed the storyline development and style. BN Toler really gives you a detailed picture of the events unfolding even if the characters are aware. This is recommended read - 4.25 stars out of 5

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