The Collar: The Submissive Series

The Collar: The Submissive Series - Tara Sue Me I have loved the Submissive Series. Abby and Nathaniel story is one that I have loved to follow. Jeff and Dena have been introduced in a previous book and are part of the Delaware BSDM group that Wests have demo'd for. Although other characters, Julie and Daniel, also pay a visit in the book, Ms. Me focuses on Jeff and Dena's story. There is a bit of intrigue as Dena is being stalked. She hires Jeff, her ex Dom, to help find the stalker. There are still sparks between the ex Dom and Submissive, but can they ignore the pull between them. Can they over come the past to stop hurting one another to maybe finally be together?

Unlike Abby and Nathaniel, I couldn't seem to connect with Dena and Jeff. Tara Sue Me unravels their past through flashbacks between the two characters to better understand how they came undone in the first place. Although as a woman, Dena's reasoning for leaving is understandable. As perhaps one of the characters reveals, they needed to be apart in order to come together stronger. It just seemed that the constant distancing was wearing on my reading experience. The stalker plot was a bit too easy to figure out.

If you love the Submissive Series, you may wish to pick up this book to complete the story. If you haven't read the Submissive Series, I do recommend you read Abby and Nathaniel's story; this one could be left out.