Havoc - Debra Anastasia This book was completely unexpected. And not in a bad way. I had read Mercy and had expectations for this force of a man we were introduced to. What the reader gets is more action packed suspense than I ever expected.

The reader is introduced to the hard life of foster living and yearning for some semblance of family from the lead characters. You hope their lives turn to the positive. And for them they do, in only a way people on the fringe can. However, as their lives take a darker turn living on the edge, the risks increase. But what about the romance?

It is subtle. Not the long distance yearning we found in Mercy. This is a painful look of unrequited love and how a wake up call can make you relook at your life. It's a wide ride. Full of drama packed action. If you love dark, gritty characters with a heroine who kicks EVERYONES ass, don't pass by having some Havoc in your TBR.