Prince Charming

Prince Charming - C.D. Reiss One subtrope I enjoy and don't get enough of: suspense/thriller. Reading Prince Charming checked off all the necessary boxes for this subtrope. I mean I really haven't enjoyed a story in this arena since Sugar Bowl series from Sawyer Bennett. CD Reiss' execution was perfect. I had no idea where we were going and how it was going to all pan out but it was a thrilling page turner.

Keaton presents as this secretive man. Who is he? Why is wanting to appear to go straight? Why is he risking it all for Cassie? GADS! I waiver for him between RUN and CLING tight. There was just 'something about him'. Yes, as vague as that sounds you connect with Keaton and want him to get everything all the while not really know why you do. And Cassie. I love a strong heroine. This woman can bust balls with the best of them. She's not a whimpering, simpering heroine. Nope, she's got her own agenda and smart enough to get what she wants. But then her background is not lily white so now as a reader you aren't really sure who is the baddest possible bad guy at all. But sincerely the kicker? It is Keaton and Cassie's connection that seals the deal for the reader. It's instant. It's hot. It's well-written characters how can't keep their hands off each other nor can the reader off the book.

If you are a fan or a first time reader, you'll find yourself in love with the worlds CD Reiss creates. 5 out of 5 stars.