Capitol Promises

Capitol Promises - Rebecca Gallo First off, yes you must read Presidential Bargain first. NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS. Now, that's out of the way and you've read book one, you'll want to read book 2. Although I warned that there was a 'sorta' cliff depending on whether or not you took into account the epilogue, book two picks up right where one left off and prepare to hit the ground running.

What I have learned with debut authors that I enjoy their first release, they improve with writing and gain their stride in the voice of their storytelling. Ms. Gallo didn't let me down. The in-depth connection to the characters was strengthened in Capital Promises. You got more understand of what was driving the MC as they tackle the hurdles of Washington DC. However, Jameson did not lose his 'damn jerk' hero status. And Georgie strengthening as a female lead to show women don't have to bulldoze to have power. The story was well paced and gave the reader what I would say was the best HEA the characters could have.

If you love a story with something you can sink your teeth into without feeling preached at or drowned in details, the duet by Ms Gallo is an engaging read. I'm pleased I took a chance and expect each novel she writes will have us turning the pages wanting more. 4.5 out of 5 stars