Something So Unscripted

Something So Unscripted - Natasha Madison Single dad romances are one of my favorite subgenres. What is cuter than a handsome man who will do anything for his children? Amiright? Ovary exploding reading. However Natasha Madison takes the well loved trope and adds so much more to it. Her story creates a wonderful and loving tale about finding love expectedly interwoven with the side of the story that parents undertake for their children.

First and foremost, this is a romance with a lovely HEA. The epilogue is bliss, and will delight the reader with the final sentence. How this romance struck me was the development of Denise and Zack's relationship. No need for any added relationshipy drama. They already had their emotional hands full in dealing with Jack's needs. What was lovely to see is two adults handling this attraction, running with it, because damnit, they deserve happiness too.

Something So Unscripted is a book not to be missed. As much as I loathe series jumpers, you could read as a standalone. But why!!!! Pick up the series and read them all! Are you already a fan? Add to your TBR and read it on release day :D