A Little Bit Like Love (South Haven Book 1)

A Little Bit Like Love (South Haven  Book 1) - Brooke Blaine I couldn't put this story aside. The story captivated me from prologue to final chapter. I was impatiently awaiting this story since I saw the cover release, and read the synopsis on Goodreads. And Ms Blaine did not disappoint this reader's expectations.

I'm a huge fan of the second chance storyline. But this was more than giving someone a second chance with you. This was a story of the ability to allow someone see the very deepest part of you and love you all the more. It was Lucas and Jackson's time for their crossroads to meet again. Although young love was torn from them and I was disappointed to the reasons why they were kept apart, this time was the right time for all the pieces to fall into place.

Ms Blaine storytelling wraps you up in each character doesn't allow the secondary elements not to interfere with the enjoyment of the reading. Even when the story has you dropping a frown, you are still hopeful. I am not a little but a lot in love with the start of this series. I am in complete anticipation of 'what happens next' in South Haven. 5 out of 5 stars.

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