Secrets of Spring

Secrets of Spring - Julie Solano If you are looking for a book series for a 12-17 reader in your circle of friends, pick up this series from authors Julie Solano and Tracy Justice. There are themes that are permeate today that are mixed in with mystery and friendships. The message is there without being preachy by beating the reader over the head. Storyline develops in a group of like interested teens meet over their love of sports but end up with solid foundation for lasting friendship. However, like any good fiction, they add in a bit of mystery to keep the reader interested in the story from start to finish.

Disclaimer: I will admit I may have a soft spot for this story that may lead my review to bias. If you know the authors, you'll understand this series is an ode to the area we live in and most importantly, the teens that grace their lives daily. Recognizing this characters and scenes brought a smile to face as a read.

So, what am I doing reviewing a young adult book? I know. But on occasion I branch my read adventures out to do something different. In recommending this book to an audience based on the rhythm of storyline, language level, and themes, this fits in the young adult/teen bookshelf nicely. For those who think I only read romance, I wouldn't consider this in romance. Just as Twilight without the vampires or Perks of Being a Wallflower but add in sports, there is budding relationship but isn't the only thread the fiction carries. For readers of any age that enjoy these themes and genre, try out the series today.
Overall Series Stars: 4.0