Coastal Elite

Coastal Elite - Kate Canterbary Jordan and April are a match made on Long Island heaven. He's not looking for Ms Right and she's just taking the time to enjoy her life on the island. When the ocean decides they are ready for a meet up, well you can't fool Mother Nature and allow her to take the job over for you.

If you are looking for a quick, hot read with a bit of a twist, then this story is RIGHT what you need to get you out of the summer reading slump. Although an interconnected story to Ms Canterbary's Walsh Family, seriously Coastal Elite stands on its own. I loved both characters equally and again completely in love with Kate Canterbary's ability to deliver real characters worth reading.

But... I did guess the twist. Which isn't why the 1/2 star reduction. The ending felt too quick. Now here's where I waiver. Was it really too quick? or am I the reader disappointed because I wanted more of the characters story? Yes, the jury is still out as I argue with myself over this one.

If you've not read Kate's stories and looking for an introduction, I would say this is a perfect book to read and decided.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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