The Definition of Fflur

The Definition of Fflur - E.S. Carter First, I will allow you to let that sink in what you read above. Because truly, if a blurb checks off all my no-no rules when selecting a book, it's right there in front of your eyes.

~ It's a story of someone under the age of 25. YA and me are a no.
~ It's a story that is going to have some pretty heavy angst. No hearts and rainbow unicorns, and I'm out.

But what if I get off the high horse of self imposed pickiness and actually gave the book a chance? Seriously, didn't I JUST complain about insta-love haters in a blog post? Now, in full disclosure, I did beta read the story, and Ms. Carter gave me the opportunity to say no. Yet, I decided to take a chance on this awkward old soul who is the center of probably the most wonderful story that will grace your heart and mind. My earlier initial thoughts were radically changed:

~ It's a story of a girl trying to understand her world after it all comes apart. How it molds and shapes her as the reader experiences her life in coming of age.
~ It's a story that will evoke a lot of feelings as you read: anger, shock, sympathy, loss, understanding and most of all great love.

Many have asked and I have answered firmly: Yes, there is a HEA. I know as a reader, Ms. Carter put me through hell - read that as yes she ACTUALLY made me cry - but there is a happily ever after in the end. I would never steer my fellow book friends into a non-HEA.

But did you catch that? She made me cry. The person who watched Titanic and asked when the people drown. That piece of information should make you rethink any decision not to read this story. If someone's words can touch me so profoundly to move me to tears, it is well worth your time.

ES Carter creates a world where your mind travels there. The characters play out their lives with vivid imagery. Her words are beautiful and brilliant. As a reader, you want to reach out to Fflur, counsel her in each misstep, hold her when she breaks, and praise her when she grows resilient.

I think I'm done. Because honestly, there is nothing else that I can find that will tell you why you should read this story. It is something to be experienced, treasured, and most of all - shared with all your book friends. In short...Buy The Book.