Purgatory - Eva LeNoir I'm speechless.

This novella is bloody brilliant. Okay addressing a few elephants:
★ Its what I call 'spiritual' paranormal.
★ No, you don't need to read Songs of Submission (more in a moment).
★ The author puts you into the character so far you are not sure if you can find a way out.
★ The author probably gives 'zero fucks' she made me cry.

This is a Drazen World novella. So yes, having read Songs of Submission by CD Reiss does help with the origin of the main character, Gabby. Mainly what has driven her to the start of the story. However, Ms. LeNoir is so talented in getting you immersed, feeding you enough back story that you feel complete.

I think what I find the most compelling about this story is that Eva LeNoir kept me so engaged I carried on with reading the story even when I was hesitant to do so. There were parts that were difficult to read. Those who may feel shy with the some of the subject, I can say its necessary and I hope you stick with it until the end. Speaking of 'The End', her acknowledgement had me coming full circle with how it unfolded. This story gives us the power of self love and how important it is to have or help those who struggle to find it.

I loved the story. It's going to stick with me for awhile. I hope you take the chance to read this gem too. 5 out of 5 stars

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