Until Brandon

Until Brandon - Natasha Madison To be honest, it's been while since I picked up an Until series book by ARR and read it. But as with all good series, they secretly stay with you until the characters are brought to life before your eyes again. That's the beauty of Kindle Worlds books. They remind you of the characters and stories you so loved, yet get individualized to the author who captures them. Until Brandon is a perfect blend of ARR world with a dash of hot, sexy alpha male as only Natasha Madison can deliver.

Brandon is just a man with needs and a business to run. No muss no fuss. Until the day Aurora walks in and he finds his BOOM! Like all Mayson men, once the BOOM hits, they are not taking no for an answer. I could continue on, but why spoil this enchanting and steamy short story.

PS: Super kudos to Ms Madison for giving the readers dual epilogues!
4.5 out of 5 stars