Fighting Irish

Fighting Irish - Katy Regnery I've been caught up in the world of stretching my reader's legs and going outside of my carefully designated box. Although many of these books, I've enjoyed. But I didn't know I was ready for my hearts and flowers HEA read until I picked up and devoured this story.

Katy is one of my 'go-to'. She writes stories that appeal to my heart when I just want a romantic read. Rory and Britt's story was the magic I needed and can't wait for more. I'd shelf this under 'second chance' with adding - catching the one that you let get away. Usually these stories, its the H or h that allowed the other to escape. But in the case of Rory and Britt, it was their teenage hearts and circumstances that didn't allow them to connect. But as adults they form first a friendship that blossoms into love in the best of ways.

Besides a love story, you get the insight into family and what it means to have a close relationship with all the ups and downs. I can't wait for siblings, Tiereny and Ian, stories. I can already see a binge until I'm done once they go live.

If you are a fan of Katy's Blueberry Lane series, you'll find the same quirky, lovable and strong characters we found in that world. If you are new to Katy and love a romantic story, one click today and expect to devour the story. 5 out of 5 stars